Check Engine Light Services in Houston

When you find the orange check engine light in your car turning on, your vehicle is probably trying to convey some kind of trouble. Of course, a glowing engine light may not be something drivers are happy with. In case you are worried about your engine light glowing, reach out to us at Autocare Unlimited. Our experts check the engine for possible issues and diagnose the same in a quick time. A complete diagnosis of your vehicle, along with engine maintenance enhances the lifeline of your car. Most importantly, you can enjoy peak performance from your vehicle.

In general, engine checks are complicated and apparently pointless. Some car owners ignore the warning signs until the repairs become too expensive for them. With regular maintenance, you would be shelling out lower service bills when you hit the road. Professional experts working with us inspect the engine for possible glitches and fix the same.

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Our engine check services in Houston

The certified technicians working with us are adept in performing engine check and fixing possible issues in your vehicle. In case you notice your engine light glowing, you would also encounter some sort of problem in a few days. This might be reduced gas mileage, stalling of your vehicle, or cranking noises when you try to start the car. Based on the diagnostic readings, our technicians may work on one or more of these components.

  • Ignition module
  • Ignition wires
  • Emissions
  • Fuel pump
  • Distributor cap
  • Rotor
  • Engine sensors

While we carry out the repairs, we assure our clients of the quality of service. Besides, your carโ€™s exterior and interior would remain intact, without suffering any damage.

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When does your engine light turn on?

When your vehicleโ€™s computer system detects a glitch in the engine, it turns on the orange light. By consulting us, you can detect the engine problem without delay. Our trained experts are familiar with all sorts of diagnostic codes, detecting the underlying issue. When you reach out to us to check engine, our technicians also recommend the most affordable means to get things fixed. Accordingly, they carry out the repairs.

Your engine light may be on for different reasons. The reason might be as simple as a crack in your fuel cap, to potential issues like transmission problems. The next time discomfiture overcomes you on noticing a glowing engine light, simply reach out to us at Go Ahead. Give us a call on 281-589-1000, or simply mail us your issues for a speedy response.

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Check Engine Light
Auto Care Unlimited
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Nishit Joshi
Nishit Joshi
14:18 11 Apr 21
I dont know about the good reviews because anybody can do social marketing where they boost your reviews. Let's come to the point, I generally go to my old Auto Mechanic shop "Hoosang Auto Repair" at hillcroft and fondren since I know him bit this time due to my car emergiencies I went to Auto Care Unlimited. They were nice and welcomed me prety good and prices were ok. We can't say really great. They told to drop car and will call me back. Finally the car was ready after 7 days and they use to park my car outside during day time. Somebody also stole my external music system worth of $ 200 to $ 300 and there were no broken entry also car's trunk was not working so no idea who did it. It might be their own employees or may be they would have left the car door open. Pretty unprofessional services. The manager was arguing as if I am making something.....I don't know why I visited Auto Care Unlimited.. Really all this immigrants are coming and making USA unprofessional.
Kayla Clark
Kayla Clark
17:51 25 Mar 21
I came in on 3/25/21 looking to get my headlights replaced. The service was amazing. I was greeted by a gentleman that was very knowledgeable and very quick. He assured me that I could get my car fixed right away and the service would take no more than 45 min and he kept his promise. I am thoroughly impressed and will be coming back for more work.
emilie tambe
emilie tambe
20:22 18 Mar 21
My windshield trim needed to be replaced. My dealership told me the trim was out of stock and that I should look for it. My stepdad found the parts and the dealership wanted to charge me nearly 400.00. To do the work. I called My stepdad and he recommended auto care unlimited. I went there and Taylor assisted me. I was amazed how quickly he fit the pieces in place in less than 5 minutes. He did not charge me the price of the dealership. It is nice to know there are authentic people and buissnesses that pride themselves with integrity. Thank you Taylor
Janan Upshaw
Janan Upshaw
21:44 15 Mar 21
Been using Fred for over 15 years and have always had great service and great prices. He and his staff are knowledgeable and honest. Highly recommend.
Ben Hall
Ben Hall
00:32 13 Mar 21
These guys diagnosed the electrical problem I had within an hour and fixed it for no extra charge. Taylor was a good dude and communicated everything very clearly. Great shop
Laura Charge
Laura Charge
15:15 24 Feb 21
Such a great place! They are fast and honest and Taylor was the most pleasant guy to talk to, super knowledgeable and helpful.
[ bobby jorgensen ]
[ bobby jorgensen ]
07:43 11 Jan 21
Been going here for over 15 years. The owner, Fred, always has time to stop and tell you exactly what's going on with your vehicle, what it'll cost, and how long it'll take to fix/repair. The staff is solid, the costs of parts and labor are very reasonable considering the quality of both, respectively. They've also been there for as long as I can remember, so they must be doing something right.
Ashley Moreland
Ashley Moreland
01:07 03 Sep 20
Great service! I highly recommend for anyone needing any type of mechanical work! I needed brakes and repairs done to my car emissions to pass inspection. Car was ready when promised, my headlights look like new (they restored them),Taylor was extremely helpful, and Sean (the guy from the back) knew his business! Highly recommend! ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ
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